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Diamond Wedding Bands For Women

The wedding ring is not just another piece of jewelry – it is a symbol of lasting love, purchased once in a lifetime, and is an heirloom that can be passed down through the ages.

Diamond wedding bands for women can be worn alone for a simple, classic look, or paired with a diamond solitaire for timeless elegance.

The metal your ring is made of is important, and should be chosen keeping your lifestyle in mind. Diamond wedding bands for women are available in several metals:

white or yellow gold (10K, 14Km & 18K; gold content = higher price); silver (shows scratches); platinum (most expensive), tungsten carbide (heavy and durable) and titanium (hypoallergenic).

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diamond wedding bands for women

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands for Women

Women today have a variety of wedding bands to choose from, but by far the most classic band is the yellow gold.

Yellow gold wedding bands for women come in any size you could want, but most are between 2mm to 7mm with a size 7 being the most common. Women can choose yellow gold for its traditional color, durability and shine.

Gold may not immediately bring to mind the most durable metal, but combined with another metal, like nickel, gold becomes much more durable than sterling silver.

It’s also much easier to clean to a bright reflection.

Yellow gold wedding bands for women specifically can look great on any lady’s finger and can be found at ejewerlydeals.com and other websites.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands for Women