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Before making a purchase knowing the salient features of your gemstone is essential.

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Gemstone Color

Gemstone Guide

The value of a gemstone is derived from its beautiful color.

While choosing gemstone colors check the hue, tone and saturation.


 Ruby, Emerald,Sapphire, Amethyst, Peridot, Aquamarine, Topaz, Opal, Citrine, Garnet, Tourmaline, Tsavorite, Alexandrite, Quartz, Tanzanite


Red Ruby Spinel Garnet Tourmaline Andesine Zircon  
Pink Sapphire Tourmaline Spinel Rhodolite Garnet Rose Quartz Kunzite Morganite

  Sapphire Tanzanite Topaz Zircon Spinel Aquamarine Apatite Lapis Lazuli Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline Rainbow Moonstone Iolite Kyanite Agate Fluorite


gemstone jewelry


Pure to slight hue of other colors, are the most precious gemstones and  offers you the same.

Our sapphire range available has ’slightly purplish-blue’ to ’slightly greenish-blue’.

Likewise pink sapphires range from ’pink’ to ’slightly purplish-pink’. The details of the gemstone hues are given in the product page.



Tone refers to the intensity of colors which ranges from colorless to black.

The tone can be described as ’light’, ’medium-light’, medium-dark ’and ’dark’. the most preferred tones which range from medium-light to medium-dark.

The various tones are mentioned in detailed in the product page.


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The degree till which the gemstone is free of brown or gray hues is known as saturation.

Vibrant or strong color saturation with little gray or brown hues is the most sought-after gemstone.

Usually, the levels of color saturation will not be mentioned in the product details as the gemstones used in our jewelry are hand-picked for their vividness. 


Gemstone Clarity

Identifying Marks

As gemstones are a produced naturally, each of them is made of a combination of trace minerals which in turn gives them exclusive set of identifying marks.

The inclusion of the gemstones doesn't affect its exquisiteness.

Features to consider

Clarity is significant for comparing quality colored gemstones. While comparing clarity you should evaluate it with the same variety of colored gemstone.

Some varieties of colored gemstones like aquamarine, blue topaz, and citrine naturally have few inclusions whereas gemstones like emerald and ruby have higher inclusions.

Gemstones with few or no inclusions are also available but they come with higher price tag.



Gemstone Cut

Gemstones are given cut to enhance the beauty of it colors. Some points needs to be kept in mind while considering cut.

Features to consider

A high end gemstone cut is the one which shows even color, reveals fewer inclusions and is able to exhibit the majority of its weight when set in jewelry.

Unlike diamonds, there are no specified geometrical cuts for gemstones as the colors vary.

Rare gemstones are at times cut for their size rather than color.

For example varieties of sapphires and rubies are cut for their weight regardless of the color.  offers you only the high quality hand-picked gemstones.

Gemstone cut

While considering cut make sure that all the facets are symmetrical as asymmetrical cut gemstones are of low quality.

A well proportioned cut gemstone reflects light uniformly across the surface and has a smooth polish without any scratches.

Refer to the pictorial description for clear understanding.



Gemstone Size

The accurate measure of the gemstone size cannot be evaluated by its carat weight.

When a gemstone is set on jewelry, only the above surface can be viewed.

Two gemstones which seem to be of same size actually have different weights as different gemstones have different densities.

1 carat ruby will be denser then 1 carat diamond, hence ruby will appear smaller.


For you to visualize the actual size, gives you the diameter dimensions for round, length and width for other shapes of gemstones. 


Cleaning gemstone jewelry

Wipe your gemstone jewelry with a soft cloth to remove the surface dirt.

Then soak your jewelry in warm water with light detergent for 20 minutes.

Then rub it gently with soft bristle brush and rinse thoroughly. Home ultrasonic cleaners do not suit all kinds of colored gemstones.

For example ruby and sapphire are safe to be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners whereas due to it porous nature opals should never be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners.

If you use hand lotions and creams then it is always advisable to remove them to prevent dirt accumulation.

Storing Gemstones It is always advisable to store your gemstone jewelry separately wrapped in soft cloth as the hardness of the gemstone can scratch surfaces of other jewelry.

Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

If you plan to do heavy duty work then it is always better to remove your gemstone jewelry to avoid damage from harsh blows or chemicals.

One needs to take care of the gemstone jewelry so that it can become heirlooms.